Meal Planner

Week Commencing: 4 September 2017

We will try to keep this page updated as frequently as possible. If you are new to Cece’s Rainbow kids, it should give you an idea of the type of meals we offer.

We also take into consideration other factors such as allergies when planning our weekly meals. We have a selection of spreads and condiments as well as lots of healthy fruits, vegetables and savoury snacks for the children to snack during the day.


  • PorridgeBreakfast
  • Chicken Curry with riceLunch
  • Vegetable lasagnaDinner


  • Cereal SelectionBreakfast
  • Sandwich SelectionLunch
  • Chicken noodlesDinner


  • Toast & CerealBreakfast
  • Couscous saladLunch
  • Chips and SausagesDinner


  • English muffins with eggBreakfast
  • Rice and veg stirfryLunch
  • Fish wrapsDinner


  • PorridgeBreakfast
  • Potato wedges & bbq chickenLunch
  • By special requestDinner